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How Internet Porn is Rewiring our Brains

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new film Don Jon is the story of a man whose porn habit has left him unable to relate to real women. He's not the only one, reports Nisha Lilia Diu" Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Don Jon, a movie 'about how we connect with each other' 
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Finding Family Connections Without a Search Engine

Dr. Steiner-Adair's research and "the candid responses from children — particularly teens — about their feelings when faced with technology dilemmas are eye-opening," in The Big Disconnect, says reviewer Brooke Lefferts of the Associated Press. Excerpt: Steiner-Adair offers startling statistics on how much kids are using technology and calls the fast takeover of tech a…
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Tech is Wonderful, Cool — and You Have to Pay Attention as Parents

In a 20-minute Podcast, Dr. Steiner-Adair talks about parenting in the digital age. “It’s wonderful. Kids can have friends around the world. That is so cool. I am not anti-tech. You have to pay attention as grown-ups, as parents, and for our children to how we are relating to these devices and to each other.”

Boys also harmed by teen “hookup” culture and sexting

New research says boys who engage in sexting and the hookup culture's sexualized behavior say they have no intention to be hostile or demeaning. While they admit they are pushing limits, they also think they are simply courting. They describe it as "goofing around, flirting," Dr. Steiner-Adair says, in an interview with NBC's Abigail Pesta.…
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How Parents Can Win the “Revolution the Living Room”

In a starred review, The Big Disconnect is called a must-have for every parent. Excerpt: In a book that should be required reading for all parents, Steiner-Adair examines the extraordinary negative impact of the digital revolution on parents and children. Throughout this highly readable study, Steiner-Adair offers sound and sympathetic advice regarding this unprecedented “revolution…
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The Parenting Paradox of the Overly Tech-connected Family

Excerpt: Parents face the paradox of the faster, broader communication and access to information that technology brings leading to disconnection in the family as its members communicate less often face-to-face. Clinical psychologist and family therapist Steiner-Adair explores the changes in the dynamics of family life when there are fewer conversations around the dinner table, fewer…
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What do Our Kids See When They Watch Us on Tech?

Dr. Steiner-Adair's call to action for parents to model healthy habits in their tech use makes The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age "an important guide" to parenting in our tech-driven culture.
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Parents: Say No to Screens: PW Talks with Catherine Steiner-Adair

In a Q&A interview, Dr. Steiner-Adair discusses how the Internet and new technology are transforming American households--and child development Excerpt: How worried should we be? Very worried. But just as parents can say no to TV, they can say no to screens—except for homework. There is absolutely no reason that 8-year-olds need smartphones. Parents must…
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Courting Disaster: Boys sexting more, missing more social/emotional cues

NBC TODAY features The Big Disconnect and Dr. Steiner-Adair to launch a discussion of the ways boys use sexting “to connect,” but how it disconnects them from social/emotional learning essential for healthy development. Excerpt: Parents are being confronted by the new “hookup culture” surrounding sexting, and how boys are courting their partners in more directly…
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The Best Nonfiction of 2013

The Wall Street Journal names The Big Disconnect in its top ten picks for nonfiction in 2013. “This riveting piece of journalism disguised as a self-help tome chronicles how new technology has disrupted family life. Parents pacify infants with iPhones, toddlers play violent games and pre-teens are sexting. The book offers no easy answers but…
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The times of day when your kids need you to disconnect

It’s the parenting paradox of the moment: never before has it been so easy to stay connected to our families through technology—at the same time, we find ourselves too distracted by our smartphones to interact with them in person. Read the full article at:
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