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How to Play Video Games With Your Kids

"Samantha Fisher was having a very bad day. So when her then-9-year-old son, Lukas, asked her if she wanted to learn to play Minecraft, she almost said no. Skipping the game’s tutorial, Lukas patiently taught his grumpy mother how to build a digital house. Then Lukas got up and walked away. Samantha was a little…
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Depression Strikes Today’s Teen Girls Especially Hard

"It's tough to be a teenager. Hormones kick in, peer pressures escalate and academic expectations loom large. Kids become more aware of their environment in the teen years — down the block and online. The whole mix of changes can increase stress, anxiety and the risk of depression among all teens, research has long shown."
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Fast-paced video games makes kids feel revved up, it’s like gambling for adults

"According to Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair, a therapist and research associate in the department of psychiatry at Harvard,many fast-paced video games makes kids feel revved up, excited, empowered – it’s like gambling for adults – and when they come off that game they feel regulated, agitated and grumpy, just like anybody does coming off of a powerful…
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Bad behavior is trending online, inspiring it in real life

"LOS ANGELES (AP) — Young children know that name-calling is wrong. Tweens are taught the perils of online bullying and revenge porn: It’s unacceptable and potentially illegal. But celebrities who engage in flagrant attacks on social media are rewarded with worldwide attention. President Donald Trump’s most popular tweet to date is a video that shows…
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In messaging apps for teens, talk of danger and dollars

"Teenagers, a historically wily demographic, are increasingly moving their digital social lives from public sites where their parents hang out to smartphone messaging apps, giving them nearly complete privacy in their online social lives."  Read More >>
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Family Day Unplugged: Advocates aim for tech-free holiday

While reading this story, you probably won't be interacting with your family.Over time, surfing the web and constantly staying connected could make you more distant with your loved ones. At least that's the concern behind "Family Day Unplugged," a program started by the Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta (FCSSAA).By Joseph Quigley, CBC News Posted: Feb 15, 2016 8:00 AM ETLast…
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How to keep technology from interfering with family bonds

Catherine Steiner-Adair, author of “The Big Disconnect,” talks with fifth-graders at the Glen Urquhart School in Beverly last month.By Taryn Plumb GLOBE CORRESPONDENT FEBRUARY 13, 2014
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